Intense Exercise Reduces Cellular Aging by Nine Years

  • Exercise Reduces Cellular Aging

Findings from a recent study show significant exercise is tied to nearly a decade of slower cell aging. It seems that highly active individuals enjoy the benefits of a younger-feeling body. Adults who constantly engage in demanding exercises have a biological aging boost of nine years versus those who live comparably idle lifestyles. Will you jump on the exercise train?

The Healthiest Fruits for Your Body

  • Healthiest Fruits

While it’s not exactly breaking news that fruit is good for you, it’s important to keep in mind about the health benefits of each variety. Are grapes as good for you as raspberries?  Understanding the nutritional perks of each fruit isn’t always self-explanatory, but it can help you maximize your health goals. Read more here.

Benefits of Nasal Irrigation

  • Nasal Irrigation

The spring pollen has flown in and already swirling around the air like a hurricane. As victims, we are plagued with an itchy nose, sneezing, rhinitis, sinusitis, watery eyes, coughing and a general feeling of misery. Nasal irrigation offers a simple opportunity for relief of this. Routine use can improve symptoms, decrease the need for additional treatment and more. Will you try a nasal spray?

Simple Secret to Sleep

  • Simple Secret To Sleep

Typically, as we age we experience declines in the quality of our sleep. Mindfulness meditation is a self-administered approach that intentionally focuses one’s attention on emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment. A study between two groups, those who practiced meditation and those who didn’t showed a higher sleep score, as well as improved symptoms of insomnia, fatigue and depression. Will you try meditation?

Foods That Boost Metabolism Naturally

  • Metabolism Boosting Foods

While your metabolism is partly ruled by genetics, you can boost it up naturally by eating the right foods. Keep in mind that egg whites, lean meats, chili peppers, coffee, green tea, water, milk, whole grains and lentils can all increase your body’s fat-burning power. Something to think about next time you go for that spicy food!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Reverses Aging

  • Interval Training Reverses Aging

A new study has shown that intense aerobic exercise has the potential to reverse the aging process in adults. While we know exercise is beneficial, many questions have been raised on which types of exercises are best and what age groups benefit the most from them. The Mayo clinic tested high-intensity interval training (HIIT) against combined training and resistance training and found it heightened aerobic capacity as well as mitochondrial functionality for skeletal muscle. Time to step up your workout routine!

What the World’s Healthiest Diets Have in Common

  • Diets

Celebrity trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak traveled to the healthiest countries around the world to learn more about what made their meals extra nourishing. To start, in the United States, we eat much bigger portions than people in other countries. While there are many different factors that come into play, the overlapping feature found in healthiest countries around the world is that they walk much more than the average American. Food for thought?

The Brain-Gut Connection

  • The Brain-Gut Connection

Some studies suggest a link between fat and sugar on cognitive function and behavior, and are suggesting that such problems may be linked to alteration of the microbiome. A study was done and team observed that both a high-fat and high-sugar diet, compared to a normal diet caused changes in gut bacteria that appear related to a significant loss of “cognitive flexibility” or the power to adapt and adjust to changing situations.

Fiber Intake Linked to Successful Aging

  • Fiber Intake Linked to Successful Aging

While it is well known that a diet with adequate fiber assists in keeping people “regular,” eating the right amount of fiber also helps to avoid disease and disability into old age. Increased dietary fiber may also reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes and has been shown to lower blood pressure. Researchers explored the relationship between carbohydrate nutrition and healthy aging, examining total carbohydrate intake, total fiber intake, glycemic index and sugar intake. Fiber made the greatest difference in “successful aging.”

Preserving Muscle in Menopause

  • Preserving Muscle in Menopause

Taking vitamin D supplements can help to increase muscle strength and reduce the loss of muscle mass in women long after menopause. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted over a nine-month period. Research showed that women receiving supplements exhibited a significant increase in muscle strength compared to those not receiving supplements.

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