Monica Groark



Born and raised in Northern California’s wine country, Monica was surrounded by the wine country professionals using local elements in cuisine, winemaking and skincare products. From an early age, she was fascinated with skincare, fitness and wellness. Monica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and with her personality and enthusiasm, went on to work in the corporate recruiting industry for over eight years all over the country. Her passion for skincare, health and wellness was recognized during this time. Coworkers and friends consistently asked what products she used to treat her skin and exercise habits. She was extremely motivated to help others achieve their wellness goals, so she enrolled in San Diego City College and completed its Basic and Master Esthetics curriculum. She has worked in the Esthetics field alongside waxing professionals, skincare representatives, naturopaths and herbalists. Monica believes the science behind skincare is constantly changing and is truly fascinating. Her philosophy is that beautiful skin is revealed from the inside out, coupled with regimented routine. She is passionate about helping her clients build their confidence and skincare knowledge to achieve the results they are looking for.

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